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Squeeze the Day with GQ's Citrus Scents

Squeeze the Day with GQ's Citrus Scents

GQ Magazine

As spring flowers will blossom into summer fruits and the much awaited summer arrives, it’s time to squeeze the day for all it’s worth. The best citrus cologne is a bit like a twist dangling from a martini: Between the bitter peel and the tart juice, there's a whole universe of good smells to enjoy.

As GQ says: “Citrus essences—that is, lemon, bergamot, orange, lime, grapefruit, and so on—cast an optimistic, bright mood wherever they go.”

Whether you're if you’re on the lookout for a warm-weather changeup, or a new every-day main squeeze, try the GQ recommended scents on Eden Square.


Cedrat Boise

Cedrat Boise

“"Cedrat Boise" means "citron and woody", which gives you the foundation of Mancera's beloved scent. It opens on bitter Sicilian lemon and crisp bergamot, and is rooted by cedar and sandalwood .But it's the supporting cast that is most exciting and surprising here, with fruity, spicy, and leather undertones that together give Cedrat Boise a lovable sternness. ” 
– GQ

Try Cedrat Boise




Histoires de Parfums


“Histoires de Parfums built this scent around the lore of sea-faring novelist Jules Verne. It bottles his world excursions with crisp notes of tangerine and grapefruit, cradled by strong but buoyant cedar, pine, nutmeg, and pepper. They also liken it to that "Golden Hour" moment, when the sun dissipates into the horizon, and gratitude overtakes the senses.”
– GQ

Try 1828

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