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Spring into Spring with Vogue

Spring into Spring with Vogue

Nothing is as readily associated with fragrance as spring, a season when nature provides plenty of olfactory inspiration, be it in the ever-present blooming flowers, plentiful fresh fruits, or simply the desire to spend more time outdoors. See the scents that Vogue featured in its Spring 2021 lineup, of which several are available to savor on Eden Square.



Cricket SongCricket Song

“Ella Fitzgerald’s glass-shattering voice was the catalyst that led to Floraiku’s Cricket Song. A harmonious eau de parfum with a powdery dry down, it was inspired by the jazz legend’s songbook and its ability to induce nostalgia in listeners. Delicate yet powerful, its magnolia, vetiver, and bergamot make for a refined, if slightly vintage, scent ideal for the season’s crisp first days.” – Vogue

Cricket Song


Carner Barcelona


“The joys of a lazy afternoon are apparent to all, but Barcelona-based fragrance house Carner chose to bottle the sensation. Capturing the mood of a warm day in late spring or early summer is the idea behind the understated floral, which mixes powerful notes like Bulgarian rose, Egyptian geranium, tonka bean, and cedarwood into a subdued fragrance that is easygoing and appropriate for all occasions.” – Vogue


Etat Libre d'Orange

She Was an AnomalyShe Was An Anomaly

"When a fragrance gets the Billie Eilish seal of approval, you know it’s cool. The name comes from Lisa Simone’s quote talking about her mother, iconic singer and civil rights activist Nina, but it can apply to anyone who defies categorization. Fittingly, the scent by perfumer Daniela Andrier heads in an unexpected direction with green tangerine, vanilla, purses, and Amberfix, a synthetic ambergris note merging into a surreal blend that takes the idea of perfume and turns it on its head.” – Vogue


She Was An Anomaly

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