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Seen in Vogue: Holiday Favorites that are Perfect for Gifting

Seen in Vogue: Holiday Favorites that are Perfect for Gifting

Winter tends to be eventful, even if you find yourself snowed in: The combination of the holidays and preparing for the fast-approaching new year means there is plenty to celebrate. There’s an art to finding the right scent for your closest companions or indulging in a “treat yourself” moment that makes you feel ecstatic. Three of our scents were featured in Vogue for the perfect gift - either for. your loved one, or as a treat to yourself to find a new signature scent. Get into the spirit of the holiday season, nose first. Check it out in Vogue!

Grand Soir | Maison Francis Kurkdjian

 Grand Soir | Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Grand Soir

“Back when attending winter galas was possible, Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Grand Soir would have been the ideal scent for an evening out. Nightlife of the Parisian variety was Kurkdjian’s inspiration for the heady mix of cistus labdanum—a natural resin with a smell similar to the prized ambergris—vanilla, and amber. While it’s easy to imagine someone hitting the town in a tux or ballgown while wearing Grand Soir, it shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions. The fragrance’s appeal lies in the daily dose of glamour it can provide.”

– Vogue


Cobalt Amber

"If your food is organic and your fashions sustainable, why should your perfume be filled with chemicals or packaged in non-biodegradable bottles? The philosophy behind the Amsterdam-based brand Abel centers on bringing niche fragrance quality to the world of all-natural perfume. That means no preservatives or synthetic ingredients, just pure plant goodness. Cobalt Amber boasts wintry notes like juniper berry and resinous Peru balsam alongside amber to create a modern oriental scent you can feel great about wearing."

– Vogue

  Cobalt Amber | Abel
Crimson Rocks | Amouage  


Crimson Rocks

“Dreamed up as a tribute to Oman’s Al Hajar mountains, the highest range in the Eastern Arabian Peninsula, Amouage’s Crimson Rocks aims high. It’s an ambitious endeavor that challenges expectations for a rose-centric fragrance, opening with a blast of cinnamon bark and honey instead of the petals’ scent. That welcome surprise that only gets better as the hours pass. It moves from being an earthy take on everyone’s favorite flower to becoming an irresistible blend of oak and cedarwood.”

– Vogue

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