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Fall Favorites Featured in Vogue

Fall Favorites Featured in Vogue

Trading sweaters for swimwear, some of our most full bodied fragrances have been selected by Vogue for Fall 2020. Notes like amber, tobacco, incense, and leather that are often too heavy for summer are perfect for cozy nights in fall. Decadent gourmands, intoxicating florals, and chypres brimming with woodsy goodness are more what a hot cocktail and comforting fireplace call for.  Check us out on Vogue!

Lipstick Fever | Juliette Has a Gun   AO | Floraiku
Juliette Has a Gun
Lipstick Fever

“The spirit of getting ready for a night out is captured perfectly by Juliette Has a Gun's Lipstick Fever.” – Vogue


“Technically figs aren't fruits (they're inverted flowers), but that doesn't stop them from being delectable, and their scent gives Floraiku's AO its tangy redolence.” - Vogue

Sandalsun | Hermetica   Winter Palace | Memo Paris


“The creamy gourmand is as sweet as that Pumpkin Spice Latte you're craving—but twice as sophisticated.” – Vogue

Memo Paris
Winter Palace
“If you’ve ever curled up with a warm drink on a chilly day, you'll understand the appeal of Memo Paris’s enveloping Winter Palace.” – Vogue   

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