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Bold & Boozy: A Men's Valentine's Day Guide

Bold & Boozy: A Men's Valentine's Day Guide

Have your Valentine drunk in love by wearing a bold and boozy fragrance.

Whether your fragrance has boozy notes of cognac or a bold leathery accord, pair it with a nightcap for the ultimate Valentine experience. Here are our top picks for Men:

1.  Creation E Pour Homme by Roja Dove: A Root Beer Float, spiked with Vanilla Vodka. Don’t forget whipped cream & a cherry on top!

The warm booziness of cognac and rum are not lost in Roja Dove’s bestselling Creation E. There is an addictiveness to scent that will have you date nestled in your neck all evening.

2.  EGYPT by Eight & Bob: Cognac Chocolate Truffles, with a side of cognac of course!

Dubbed one of the hottest date night scents for men, EGYPT has all the makings of a “sexy” scent. Featuring exotic plants and Egyptian spices, only for the most worldly of gentlemen. 

3.  Sound of a Ricochet by Floraiku ParisPort Wine, with biscotti cookies.

A scent inspired by poetry, the perfect way to add some romance to the evening. On the back of the bottle reads a haiku poem that you can whisper to your loved one, though they may be distracted by the delicious scent of vanilla and tonka.

4.  Hermann A Mes Cotes by Etat Libre d'Orange: A neat glass of some good Scotch, that’s it.

Hermann is a fragrance dedicated to your shadow, most mysterious indeed. It’s your alternative self, filled with a little darkness. Mystery Men, this is for you.

Staying in on Valentine’s Day? Take your olfactory experience one step further by pairing your fragrance with a complimentary cocktail. See our suggested drinks pairings below.

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