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Picking the right fragrance can be tricky.

And while your nose, and our discovery kits, can help you find your new favorite scent, it’s important to understand that a fragrance will only last as long as its concentration allows.

The measurement of the proportion of perfume oil within a fragrance is known as the ‘concentration’ of a fragrance. Simply put: the more perfume oil, and thereby the higher the concentration levels, the longer the perfume will last.

In order from lowest to highest levels of concentration:

Eau de Cologne (EDC): 5-10%

Eau de Cologne are the lightest compositions that are usually fresh in nature and thereby the shortest lasting. Lasting only an hour or two, Colognes are best for people who enjoy reapplying for a bust of on demand freshness.

Eau de Toilette (EDT): 5-15%

A fragrance ‘not lasting long enough’ is a common source of dissatisfaction with perfume and usually stems from a simple misunderstanding of an Eau de Toilette. EDTs are lightly scented which means they will rarely last longer than 3-5 hours.

Eau de Parfum (EDP): 10-20%

If you do want a fragrance that will stay with you for hours, then select an Eau de Parfum. Although their duration really begins to vary depending on the quality of ingredients, a high quality Eau de Parfum should 5-8 hours.

Extrait (Parfum): 20-40%

Do you truly want to spend the entire day with your perfume? Then an extract may be for you. Splurge-worthy, these are the highest concentrated fragrances that will last for 8-12 hours.

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