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2019 The Mother’s Day Gift Guide | Best Niche Perfumes

2019 The Mother’s Day Gift Guide | Best Niche Perfumes

Wondering what to gift for Mother's Day, here's our 2019 Mother's Day Niche Perfume Gift Guide showcasing 5 fragrances that are sure to make your mother feel special and truly appreciated:

For the Loving Mother

Maison Francis Kurkdjian – A La Rose

A la rose is a declaration of love for all women captured in a fragrance. Each bottle contains absolute floral notes which have been pressed from 250 Centifolia roses from Grasse (May Rose) and 150 Damascena roses from Bulgaria. So it’s like offering mom a bouquet of 400 roses!

For the Expecting or All-Natural Mother

Abel – Nurture

In collaboration with Gray Label - an organic children’s brand - Abel presents Nurture: an all-natural, non-allergenic fragrance made by mothers, for mothers. The soft fragrance uses ingredients that are uplifting (like Fleur l’Orange) and anti-nausea (like Ginger) to inspire calmness and self-care. This soft floral fragrance would be the perfect gift for expecting and new mother’s!

For the Creative Mother

The Perfumer’s Story – SEQUOIA WOOD

For mothers who are edgier and more creative with their style, I would suggest Sequoia Wood. This deep, woodsy fragrance has been vetted and vouched for by A list celebrities, models, designers, and the like. It’s loud without being over the top; just enough to get you noticed. Unique mothers will adore this scent!

For the Minimalist Mother

Montale – AMBER MUSK

If you don’t remember the linger of your mother’s perfume after every embrace, I would suggest Amber Musk by Montale. Amber Musk is a fragrance that doesn’t overwhelm the entire body. Instead the blend enhances and plays off skin, to empower and refine your natural scent. This will be an easy, go-to fragrance for any mother who is new or shy with perfumery!

For the Sweet Mother

Comptoir Sud Pacifique – VANILLE BLACKBERRY

I know I would like to thank my mother for her endless love and support with a vacation, but unfortunately my budget will not allot for that. So instead, I suggest Vanille Blackberry: an indulgent blend of delicious Vanilla and bright Blackberry. It’s warm and effortless just like a vacation – and just like your super mom.


Bless you for the love you give and the lives you bring

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