What to Wear & What to Eat: A Women's Valentine's Day Guide

What to Wear & What to Eat: A Women's Valentine's Day Guide

Published by Marisa on 4th Feb 2020

Sweet & seductive, it’s all about the gourmands!

A gourmand fragrance consists of primarily “edible” notes such as chocolate, vanilla, candy and fruits. Often referred to as an olfactory dessert, this is a sure way to smell “yummy” for your Valentine. Here are our top picks for Women:

1. One Umbrella for Two by Floraiku ParisGreen Team Mochi Ice Cream with Fresh Raspberries covered in confectioner’s sugar.

Sweet and addictive, this scent leaves a trail for its followers to lust over. This poetic perfume is sweetened with untraditional notes of blackcurrant and green tea. Don’t worry about the weather, your Valentine will be happy to share one blanket or umbrella with you while wearing this.

2. Ristretto Intense Café by Montale Parfums: Affogato - Drop a scoop of coffee, chocolate or vanilla flavored gelato into a coffee cup and "drown" in a shot of hot espresso.

Wake your date up with a shot of espresso, intertwined with vanilla, sweet cream and sugar. This unexpected gourmand is the perfect fix for a coffee addict with a sweet tooth. You can skip dessert!

3. Sirens & Sailors by JUSBOX: A boozy butter & rum soaked pound cake.

The rock n’ roll of gourmands! Impress your date with a sillage of rum, whiskey, rose & vanilla. Sweet but sexy, feminine yet masculine, dark but fresh – you will be appealing to all the senses wearing this perfume!

4. Yes I Do by Etat Libre D’Orange: Champagne topped with a garnish of cotton candy, playful and sweet.

This scent might appear innocent in its bubblegum pink packaging and white floral opening, but beneath that is a dark and animalic vixen waiting to pounce! This edible scent was formerly named “Don’t get me Wrong Baby, I don’t Swallow”, but it seems that story continued. Featured note: Marshmallow

Staying in on Valentine’s Day? Take your olfactory experience one step further by pairing your fragrance with a matching dessert. See our suggested dessert pairings below.

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