An Uncharacteristic Year with Characteristic Scents and Sensibilities

An Uncharacteristic Year with Characteristic Scents and Sensibilities

Published by Sourabh Sharma on 22nd Dec 2020

In what was one of the most life altering years of modern history, many avenues flourished as our front line workers worked hard to restore health and positivity. Netflix and Prime, as if they were not already ubiquitous, flourished, as did the spirit of humanity and the joy of togetherness. 

As we extend our warmest wishes through the holiday season, we are delighted to know that the year smelled good too. The notion of a scent to alter a mood, life a spirit, and have a transcendent quality in an era of social distancing, is paramount.

These were the scents that made the almost end of the world seem like a lovely place to be after all. And at least it smells good!

The Original  Not a Perfume  Cedrat Boise  

Vanilla Vibes  Musc Invisible

Discovery sets allow the lovers of scents to explore a plethora of fragrances from favorite brands. These encapsulate the ability to pick a new signature, a clutch scent, or a gift for a loved one. And in seasons of holidays, they make for an impulsive stocking stuffer. Because when they said the more the merrier, they didn’t know it would be apt for a scented merry season.

Iconic Discovery Kit  Floraiku Discovery Kit  Men's Discovery Collection

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